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Warning : Coronavirus

By Yves Neyd
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janvier 22, 2021

Warning : Coronavirus

Today’s world will remember the psychosis caused by the prophecy given by the Maya people, this people of the deeper, not to say ancient, America. A prophecy that the year 2012 would see the end of the world. It must be admitted that the news about this prophecy of the Maya had spread to such an extent that the whole world was plunged into panic.
If we remember correctly, it was in the year 2012 that President Obama was re-elected. If I remember correctly, it was while I was congratulating a newly re-elected president that I found the opportunity to slip this message to him around the end of the world. I said to him: this news about the end of the world is not true, because as a sentinel of the Creator God, the true end of the world was not yet here. On the other hand, the end, of which this Mayan prophecy, given a long time ago and which coincided with 2012, speaks, is the end of a world, that is to say, of a system.

There for I, as the Prophet of the Eternal God, tell you, do not forget dear brothers and sisters, you who are my contemporaries: God established me to enlighten you step by step towards the fulfilment of all that he had foreseen in his foreknowledge. It’s really difficult for me to expand extensively on this piece of paper. Nevertheless, I find myself at this very moment on this planet that has just been bereaved in an unusual way because, as far as I know, since God created the world, our elders, those who preceded us, have never told us a tragic story like the one we have just experienced today. It is certainly true that we were told about epidemics, endemics, pandemics that could also ravage the world, but most of them were in well-defined places and had not at all created the astonishment of the animals as today when we have seen man forced to be confined into the house. Animals are wondering whether the main responsible for this planet has just disappeared. Here please acknowledge that wild animals may have visited man in some places as if they came to find out what happened to the man. This is simply to say that this misfortune that has just befallen us has seriously disturbed us.

Isn’t it with good reason that some heads of state, whether in America or Europe, have designated it as an invisible enemy! Why call it an invisible enemy, this Coronavirus?
First of all because of its destructive force. And again, for all the diseases that we call epidemics or pandemics, our scientists have been very quickly beneficial: as soon as a disease attacks the population, our scientists get right down to work on it and although it can take time, they always manage to control the disease by providing cures in a curative way and even by taking all possible precautions, they always manage to establish the preventive remedy, i.e. preventive medicine (vaccine). But with this coronavirus, man has not managed to control it either curatively or preventively. Even people no longer feel safe and do not accept any vaccine despite all the explanations. And why is this? Because Corona is elusive, it comes in many forms. With such a situation and in the face of such concern, I, as God’s sentinel among men, saw myself obliged to be able to try to help my contemporaries if they could give me their attention.

It is nevertheless good to recognise, as I said before, that I am the sentinel of this Creator God because a little more than a year ago, before reaching 2020, the Eternal God had warned me by telling me (for more details see my « Message of God for the whole world » dated April 17, 2020): « I am going to bring an impetuous wind on Earth, a storm with which I am going to hit the world. Alert all my children. May all (brothers and sisters, men and women) put on the veil ». But you know that it is recommended that a woman should be able to veil herself. By enigmatic words, the Eternal God will recommend me to instruct all those who commune with me to veil themselves. Secondly, they must gird themselves with this belt which is called Mukungubila. All this was a enigma. It had to be explained that the veil in question was obedience to the word of God. And for the belt, to gird oneself with Mukungubila, it will make us understand later on, that we should trust in the God of Mukungubila at all costs. When we pray, we must pray to the God of Mukungubila and then the Corona will automatically stop its damage. When later God will reveal to me the name of the storm, as I had already given you in my previous letters, it is then that we will have the understanding of all these things.

Everything I have just written to you, I do because we all feel threatened by insecurity in our daily lives. I give the example of my brothers who pray to God, others call themselves pastors, other evangelists, etc. I give the example of my brothers who pray God. They were calling Corona an impure spirit that can easily be driven away. I, Mukungubila, had to intervene to alert the whole world by exhorting all the servants of God by saying to them: « Do not call Corona an unclean spirit for fear that misfortune might befall you ». Corona, which is the Latin expression, is the crown that finally comes to show us the present time, making us understand that the Eternal God would like to end with the world at last, thus putting an end to the reign of the ungodly to take things in hand in order to prepare the bride. This is the reason why in one of my last letters, I made it clear to the decision-makers of this world not to place anyone at the head of this country of predilection that is the Congo-DRC, because the Congo being the mother earth, the Eternal God would like to rule it Himself and from this Congo, He will spread the holy teaching throughout the world.

Now, God himself, through signs and omens, has just expressed himself by making the map of the Congo appear in Capernaum as if to confirm and stigmatise the words of his Anointed. And there, it would surprise me if someone could not be convinced that this God, revealed to us from the Bible, is truly Congolese. Refusing to believe in this is simply to want to block and destroy oneself.

That is why, the revelations given by this Catholic priest from the Vatican, I quote, « Christ is already here, he is black. He is in the midst of the Congolese people, living and eating with them… ». Indeed, in his foreknowledge, God had foreseen this. Understand that a few months ago, to help you, I sent you back to Congo saying: Christ is there, as soon as you feel attacked by Corona. God has just raised someone from Congo, the black Christ. This Christ from whom you can be blessed. Not even Corona can cause damage as soon as his name is mentioned. No need to go back and ask why Congo. Then you should ask yourself why in Capernaum. You have to understand that Congo is the second awakening, the second choir or chorus. A group that communicates sincerely with God, this is the choir or chorus to facilitate understanding. It did not come to God the idea of preparing several other choirs, there are two choirs in his church. The first choir was Jesus’ mission with the apostles. When it had broken out on the day of Pentecost, when they had begun to speak in tongues. It was the first revival that had signalled the presence of God among the children of Israel. While the second choir has just burst with pain. There are only two of them. To reassure you, you should read Song of Songs 7:1. Further on, during his ministry, Nehemiah will rebuild the city (Nehemiah 12:32, 38). The people were divided into two choirs. The first choir was conducted by Hosea. After the deportation from Babylon, the Eternal God will ask Nehemiah to arrange things. This is the role to be played by Elijah the Prophet. He can only appear from the centre of Africa, the Congo. There were to be only two choirs. One of the choirs is Israel and the second is made up of those whom God was going to save among the nations from the one called Elijah. Nehemiah was the figure of this man. Nehemiah means consolation. In his time the people were lost and it was through him that the people were reconstituted. If one leaves Israel, it is only to arrive in Congo. Servants who come from elsewhere, is not the truth, it’s a sham. So to help my fellow countrymen today, I make you understand that God has himself revealed to be a great draughtsman. So as not to create cacophony or imbroglio, he came himself down to draw the map of Congo. From the whole planet, there is only Congo that God has shown as the people that Jesus had spoken of as another nation. That said, you understand yourselves that there is no way to avoid Congo. From this you understand that the remedy, which the planet must use, is in Congo. The vaccine that the whole planet needs is in Congo.

In conclusion, I ask the international community to not consider Corona as plague, cholera, ebola or measles. Corona is not a disease, it is an expression of God’s desire to restore his power. God is asking to reign in Congo first then from there he will be able to grant peace throughout the world. I repeat and say: that the nations may agree to allow Congo its freedom to constitute power emanating from God alone. It is from this power that Congo will prosper. This will allow God to grant peace to other nations, that is the key to this expression Corona. Because the Congo has been unjustly fought by other peoples and the decision-makers have not wanted to do justice to the Congolese. Do justice to this Congo, whose nations are coalescing to completely strip it which angers God against all nations. In the same way that Africans, through the Senegalese and Congolese, had gone to rescue of occupied France, it is in the same way that I am asking for nations to be able to help this Congo, which is under attack from all sides because of its wealth. This God who created the heaven, the earth, the sea and everything in it, is going to to stop this tragedy that is mourning the whole world today. God demands the restoration of his power from this Mother Earth that is the Congo.

Prophet of the Eternal

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