• Vous tous, habitants du monde, habitants de la terre, Voyez la bannière qui se dresse sur les montagnes, Écoutez la trompette qui sonne !

    Esaïe 18 : 1-3

Volume 3: The Awakening

By Yves Neyd
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février 14, 2021

By the way, what does awakening mean?

The word awakening is very simple when it comes out from our mouth, that is to say in the common expression the word is very simple, very easy to understand. Awakening is defined as: from the passage from sleep to the state of wakefulness. Awakening also reminds us the alarm clock with a pleasant ringing. Easier to understand nevertheless, as it’s the word used by the Spirit that wakes us up, not to forget that the language used by the Spirit has always been marred by enigmas, points that are difficult to understand. God’s Awakening of which I speak here, I refer to the warning signal of volume One in which I wanted to awaken your good conscience in order to capture the message of Salvation which I, Mukungubila, am carrier.

Thereby awakening gives us the right to breathe a better life, to feel once again in good relationship with the Creator God; to feel forgiven by the Creator whom we have offended, and to feel truly close to the Creator; to feel protected under the shadow of the Almighty (Joel 2:24-25).
In short, the Awakening reassures us that God’s real people must never again be in confusion (bride’s preparation) (Joel 2:26). As a reminder, when God obliged our white brothers from Europe to come to repent in Congo-Kinshasa, in the middle of this deep African forest, we were very surprised, especially myself; I wondered how God the Creator had led them to this people of predilection…! Had God revealed to them the presence of this little child that is Christ in the heart of Africa, in Congo-Kinshasa?!

Dear brothers, my dear compatriots, my dear contemporaries, this group of brothers and sisters from Europe wept bitterly, but unfortunately my Congolese compatriots did not fully understand the reason for this event. They were troubled as one would see someone in drunkenness state; held in a kind of torpor, a sleep that seizes the man and sometimes obliges him to doze off during the day or even make him fall into a deep sleep. You know, dear brothers and sisters, forgive me for reminding you of certain details of our life: the white man, he is more serious when he undertakes to commit himself to a project. He attaches great importance to it in order to succeed, contrary to the habits of our compatriots.

When this Europe’s group, made up of men and women, came to Kinshasa to repent, I will not be able to repeat all the words, forgive me for that, I give you the essential, in their confession they said: « Dear brothers and sisters, we have come to ask your forgiveness for having preached a fake Gospel to you. God made us feel that we had to come and ask for your forgiveness because it was not the truth »… » Allow me, dear brothers and sisters, all of you my contemporaries, this confession made by this European group in Kinshasa, in my country, they did not make it standing but kneeling. They were all in tears… Imagine, isn’t it normal that I, Mukungubila, might wonder how these brothers and sisters from Europe could have targeted only this country of predilection, whose geographical map was drawn by God the Creator in Capernaum as a sign or milestone that could help the inhabitants of the whole Earth (Isaiah 18: 1-3)?

It’s important to point out here that this European group was made up of different brothers and sisters from different European countries. Instead of being touched by this repentance and supplications spectacle from our brothers from Overseas, my Congolese compatriots, the religious leaders and leaders present, did not feel bad or even concerned. Unfortunately, we had noticed in them: triumphalism! I had been very shocked, saying to my brothers who commune with me in the Lord: « My dear brothers, have you noticed the attitude of our brothers belonging to different religious denominations? Instead of crying with the others, for them this was an opportunity to smile instead of feeling sorry for themselves. All these churches were formed by this European group. None of them will claim to have not been formed by this group. So it was an opportunity for them to see the evidence of their apostasy! All these churches, without exception, were formed in the European style. Let’s see if they will really question themselves! »

Unhappily, all these churches continued..!! That is to say, they had lacked the spiritual judgement to condemn themselves as the lies churches. Some of them who had been approached replied: « If we stop communing, how are we going to live! »

Shamelessly, when this European group arrived, these churches rushed to welcome them without alerting me. I will only hear of their arrival with a delay of several hours. In theory, as they came to repent before God and confess their fault for deceiving Africans with a false Gospel, my Congolese compatriots had a duty to go to the Prophet Mukungubila because he is the only servant of God, the Prophet, who for several decades never ceased to make them understand that the Gospel you are preaching is false. I repeat and say, in principle they were going to bring me this group and together we were going to do this ceremony. Understand, my dear brothers, how the churches, whether in Congo or anywhere else, are offending the Creator God.

We had to wait for the advent of this global scourge, the scourge by which God has just struck upon the world. I would remind you here of our brother, the American David Wilkerson’s vision to whom God had shown this great storm Mukungubila; a storm from which we’ve been obliged, The Pope Francis and I, to intervene in order to give the message to the whole world. You remember that it was in clear terms that the Pope Francis made statements which I quote briefly: “we’ve failed as leaders and stewards of this Earth, I repeat, we’ve failed at our responsibility as leaders and stewards. Instead of managing this Earth well, we have plundered it and so on. This is why some movements have risen including Coronavirus… »And I as the authorized mouth of the Lord, found a way to enlighten the whole world, the whole planet, showing them the place of refuge, explaining to them that only Christ, this black Christ among the pagans that God has just raised up in Congo (we must refer to the Catholic priests of the Vatican), is the only remedy and sole vaccine, because Corona is not really an ordinary infection. Corona is the crown that God sends to negotiate with humans because he is in wrath. God the Creator is very angry to see how nations have coalesced to plunder the mother Earth which is Congo. The Earth’s people do not want to allow the Congolese to have their sovereignty. knowing this matters that I implored the grace to be listened to, to be heard, by all decision-makers, asking them to help Congolese people getting out from Rwandan occupation. The law on the international level obliges each people to respect the law, not to trample on the sovereignty of a country. Unfortunately, all want to turn a blind eye and close their ears not to help Congolese people. Yet we’ve arrived in the day that the Eternal God decides to take the reins of the country. Do not forget the prayer taught by the Lord Jesus: “Our father in heaven…” Because of this wickedness of some leaders of different countries who have no mercy with regard to Congolese and who only think of making a mess in Congo, God has struck the entire Planet by this plague that you call Coronavirus.

According to the prophecies given by some visionaries including David Wilkerson, It is through Coronavirus plague that finally the false pastors and false servants, the false prophets agreed compulsory to close their churches. However, this is not the problem. God asks nations, all decision-makers, to help Congolese people to organise themselves with dignity as a sovereign people. Christ being already there, and it is from the midst of this people that God called him up, it is he who must instruct the Congolese people, and from this people, all nations. At the time when the European group had arrived, Congolese people should have seized this opportunity to repent and approach the God’s Man to instruct them. Unfortunately, this had not been taken seriously.

Let’s now get into the heart of the matter: The Awakening

The Eternal God spoke to me, saying that the world’s behavior had not pleased him: « I am bringing an impetuous wind, a terrible storm bearing your name, which will cause terrible damage on Earth ». You all witnesses, my dear contemporaries. I alone, as a sentinel, hastened to recommend the world: « If you see members from your family affected by Corona, pray to Mukungubila’s God. Just by mentioning this name, Corona can disappear ». Of course the Lord God is not limited to what is prayed for by quoting Mukungubila’s name. He expects that one really believes in this Mukungubila’s God to be baptized. That’s why we’re back to awakening. What’s this awakening that just happened to us? It is true that we are in pain and the whole world is in mourning because we are struck by this plague. I have already explained how to get out of it. Before I finish, I would like to make you understand what the awakening we have just experienced is all about. So our brothers at the moment when the Lord Jesus was going to pray with them and announce his sufferings, then he was crucified, on the third day he resurrected but he did not fail to ask them to wait without leaving Jerusalem because they had to be clothed in the power from on above. On the Pentecost day , they will hear a rushing wind coming from the sky. It is a noise that will spread over them showing the signs of fire’s flames. What is remarkable is that everyone began to speak in different languages. And as this had coincided with the coming of several visitors to Jerusalem, each of these visitors had heard them speak in his language and this had astonished them greatly. So the Apostle Peter stood up to say: « we hear others calling us drunk but we are only at the third hour, what is happening had been foretold by the Prophet Joel, he had announced the awakening, a signal from heaven ». So Joel was alerted by the spirit saying this is what I will do in the last days.

The wind that had fallen on them exploded and produced the expression in their mouths. This impetuous wind that had been announced to me by God is the one that shook the whole world. Of course, he caused mourning everywhere and shook us, but rather than lamenting, we must take steps that will appease the wrath of our God. I reveal what God has told me: he would like to take the reins and lead the whole world from this Congo to instruct us and bring us peace. If we obey his orders, happiness will come to us. There will be no more difficulties and no more crying. It’s at this moment that the Eternal God will make us understand man’s well-being, because he is preparing the end of the world. God doesn’t like to see humans with the filth they have been tainted with for centuries. God does not want the evil, sins and filth that we have become used to. God wants it to end. It’s through his teaching that we will know how to put an end to it. To do this, we must agree to help Congo because that is where Christ is. It’s from this Congo, where Christ is, that the whole world will be taught. The God Creator’s goal is to cleanse us of our sins. God had chosen Israels people but they rejected him. They brought me to the supreme sacrifice, so they lost grace and God turned to another nation, the one whose map was drawn in Capernaum, it’s Congo.

God is the supreme master, there will be no one to contradict this. This is why Congo soil and subsoil are full of riches that other nations covet. But God has prepared them to allow Congolese people to have the financial means to go and teach the whole world, to spread the Gospel. Caught up in greed, mean people wanted to kill Congolese people and prevent them from developing. This is what unleashed the wrath of God, which made him drop this plague. Instead of trying to stamp it down, we must help Congolese people get out of the Rwandan invasion and curb the momentum of all the neighbours who would like to do as Rwanda did. If the decision-makers understand my message, let them do their utmost to put order in Congo and not to sow disorder. The only way is to accept Gods plan who would like to reign through his Son. If the decision-makers work in this way, you will see that calm will return quickly and even prodigiously. As long as we refuse to allow God to reign in Congo, it will not be a good thing for the whole planet.

When the wind fell, everyone had expressed themselves according to what was given to them by the spirit. In the same way, God has just brought down Corona, which is the Latin expression for Crown, in order to make people understand that he must be allowed to reign from Congo, the mother earth, the blessed land, the holy land. If the world accepts that God reigns in Congo then God will put an end to the strike.

The Prophet Joel had put it across that people had fallen so God had punished them. As soon as people repent, the Lord God forgives. From then on, there must be an understanding between God and men. The only way to show that he has forgiven is in this way (Joel 2:18-19). The Lord God shows that he is moved, he turns back on his anger by saying that he will give them the time missed during his anger. This can only be announced by the awakening. When the clock rings pleasantly, it’s to announce this awakening. So it’s through the revival that God always announces this good relationship to come. As God had announced this awakening after Jesus suffered, resurrected and ascended to heaven, the apostle Peter stood up to remind the prophecy given by the Prophet Joel. This is exactly what just happened.

Thus the awakening, it’s God who has just announced the time, the time when he would like to re-establish the right relationship with people. During this time we will breathe life, feel the Creator protection. This always comes with a rushing wind. Thus, during Pentecost, they had seen as sign on their heads, flames like tongues of fire, and they began to externalize the great deeds of the Eternal God with miracles and wonders because it was the pendulum that had just rung.The miracles had been performed to show that God was supporting his people. How did we experience this awakening?
David Wilkerson had said that he had seen the black man carrying the Bible around the world. First we suffered from the Storm(Corona), now he has given his servant to explain the reasons of this storm. This is to prepare the end of the world, to prepare the bride(Church). God wants us to understand that it is he who gave power, but today it is very delicate to hand over power to anybody, which is why he has his anointed, his Son, to put him at the head of this country, his Congolese lands. It’s about to prepare Gods people, the Congolese who must go and spread the Gospel throughout the world. If you put someone at the head of Congo who doesn’t know how to explain these mysteries, you are trying to derail God’s plan. God has his children all over the world. If we accept, we will know peace.

This awakening, as explained at the beginning, comes to clean up all the confusion in our heads. God wants us to come closer to him to have the absolute in our heads, that is to say the truth. That is why he spoke to us in Zechariah 10. He asked us to pray for rain. This request given in prophecy by Zechariah makes the world understand that we have moved away from God, so we must pray that God agrees to send the spring rain (Zechariah 10:1). To pray, we must enter into supplications to ask for forgiveness, because God cannot hear us as long as we defile ourselves in our filth. We must first implore his grace and that he washes us by the blood of his Son, Christ, and then sends us rain.

This rain that we are talking about is the awakening that various visionaries have talked about, including Kimbangu, David Wilkerson, Branham. Although each of them reported according to their ability to acquiesce to the message.

You, who belong to different countries on the planet, God could put an end to this if you understand the reasons that led Him to strike us. That’s what the real choir is all about. The choir song is the truth that must be sung. It can only be sung in two parts. The two choirs describe themselves in Song of Solomon 7:1. Here we see the two choirs in the atmosphere of the dance. There are only two choirs, two choruses. The first was Israel. The second is the one whose map was drawn in Capernaum, it’s Congo. Both choirs are described by Nehemiah 12:31, and at the head of each choir is their leader, Christ. Indeed this Christ who is the King who conducted the first choir and the King who is conducting the last choir whose work is not yet finished (Zechariah 9:9). The prophecy stigmatized by Jesus of Nazareth in Matthew in 21: 1 – 9. The first meeting was with the Lord at Pentecost. The second meeting was sanctioned by the great storm that shook us because of God’s wrath. The head of the church can only be Christ. There is the Messiah for Israel and the one God sent for the Gentiles. The two Messiahs are the two lambs of which Exodus speaks, the morning lamb and the evening lamb. The two Messiahs are the two witnesses, Moses and Elijah. Moses is the type of Jesus. Elijah is the type of man who is to appear today. He brings people out of the temple, he brings them to the altar which he sets up to worship God. Remember, there were only two places to meet with the Lord: Jerusalem and Zion. Zion falls exactly at the place from which Elijah forms the group of those who are to worship in spirit and truth.

The Awakening is always accompanied by the miracle of healing. All the ills we have, God can heal them by remembering that God sent his Son Mukungubila.

Autumn is rain in connection with Jesus’ ministry at Pentecost. While Spring is the rain related to Mukungubila for the restoration, this is the last awakening. We’re in the midst of this revival. It’s like the two times used by God. He first used his first servant Moses. After working with Moses, he ended with Joshua. It is through Mukungubila that the Lord ends the work. There will be no one to crush him as far as the things of God are concerned. Today, God has asked everyone to veil themselves, both men and women, that is, to obey the word of God and to put on Mukungubila as a belt. This is the only way to escape the wrath of the storm in which the whole world is plunged.

It is time for us to be like the generation of those Joshua circumcised. We owe it to ourselves to accept this God that Prophet Mukungubila preaches today. The God preached by Mukungubila is the same God preached by the Lord Jesus. It will give us the joy of being protected by the Creator for the rest of the days before the rapture. We must necessarily believe.

If we restore our relationship with God by believing in Him and being baptized, this plague will no longer affect us as when God asked Israel to put blood on the door. As soon as one is baptized, the angel of destruction will prevent the destruction of the house where one is found as a child of the Creator God.

In conclusion, from the mouths of several heads of state and government, Coronavirus is considered to be an invisible enemy different from all other viruses that have caused pandemics, epidemics or endemics. And by qualifying it as an invisible enemy, we must then recognize it as a spirit and not as a simple virus which infects; and if we recognize him as a spirit since he acts, he expresses himself, the man is revealed to be powerless before Corona to enter anywhere (be it in the bunker, submarine, etc.), he enters everywhere, very intelligent to thwart any maneuver of man by terrorizing him. He hears and he sees. And it is with good reason that officials in all states around the world have been forced to enact night curfews.

Once again, in the name of the Almighty who revealed himself from this Congo, the suffering mother earth, we are ready to send our evangelists to you to guide you in the prayer and other commandments of the Lord (James 5 : 7-8).


Prophet of the Lord

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