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God the Creator’s fingerprint

By Yves Neyd
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septembre 3, 2021

My dearest contemporaries,

Let’s step back to jump better. It comes to mind to tell you the story of the birth of Joseph Mukungubila thinking that it could help you understand different shocks that our planet is experiencing today and if possible, to be able to remedy them to get us out of it.

As a reminder, my dear contemporaries, as you know, the Second World War ended very badly because it caused a terrible tragedy with the atomic bomb.

So the powerful countries, the great, the so-called decision makers, said « never again ».

It is precisely after this sentence « never again » that the headquarter of the United Nations was created.

I would like to say that the planet understood that we had to think differently. Instead of engaging in the climate of wars, it was better to think about peace.

As I said earlier, I invite you, dear contemporaries, to step back a little with me, to look into this near past: it is on my birth, the birth of Joseph Mukungubila.

Someone decides to commit suicide, he is found hanging from a tree; this creates terror over the entire territory of the Nzoa clan. Of course it was in colonial times, the colonial power (Bulamatari) decides to send an investigator to the scene in Kisala. The investigator arrives in Kisala (Mahaya) and spends the night there. In the morning, the Belgian official will surprise the inhabitants of Kisala by asking them to gather because he had a very important message to communicate to them. This was done at the very moment. This official of the Belgian state (a white man of course) addressing the Kisalais told them this: « I am agitated by a vision that I just made tonight and that could have taken away my sleep ». He asked the Kisalais that the Musika clan could come forward to separate from the inhabitants of Kisala. The White man will declare this: « from this Musika clan will be born a child (boy) who will shake the whole world ». A few days later, the star falls from the sky to sink into the bowels of Kabalo’s lands. Almost at the same time, a young girl will find herself pregnant, it is Kabila Léonie, my mother. Her mother-in-law, named Nkulu Wa Muleka, approached her to instruct her on how to behave with pregnancy by telling her: « take this piece of wood (it was a piece of well-carved wood called in Kiluba « Musao » which means « announcement ») ». 

My grandmother Nkulu Wa Muleka will make recommendations to her daughter-in-law saying: « Throughout your pregnancy, you will have to use this wood as a pillow. That is, you will put your head on this wood for the entire period of pregnancy until its term, until the child is born. » The young woman, who is my mother, was able to comply with these recommendations. It should be noted that my grandmother Nkulu Wa Muleka had spoken to my mother in these words: « My daughter, the child you carry in your womb is a great King that God sends to us on Earth… You must submit strictly to everything I recommend to you, my daughter. » 

It’s maybe important to highlight some of the adventures of my childhood. In 1959, a fact, which I consider to be unusual: my parents had put me in kindergarten with the girls in Sainte Marie d’Albertville called today Bakita, the only boy among the girls, I came out top of my class. This rhythm, always the top of the class, would continue until the 4th grade. During all this time, what is prodigious I never studied after class, even during the exam period, yet I continued to keep my position, always the top of my class. It was when I entered the 5th grade, I was only 12 years old, in the third trimester during the last exams, I came out 3rd, what a disappointment! To my surprise, the priests offer me the Bible! Understand my dearest contemporaries what my disappointment was. To me, the 12-year-old boy, I am offered the Bible which, in colonial times, was forbidden. It is my father who would dispel my sadness while I told myself that my teacher was unfair because he had just reduced my marks by putting me 3rd of the class and as a price I was given the bible. It was at the same time that the fathers of independence had just been summoned for the round table in Brussels. Allow me to emphasize that this gesture made by the priests was political in relation to my country, which was in the process of gaining independence. The interpretation I make after God’s call, made me understand that the Bible was the letter of credence for my country that they had missed when they went to the round table (please do not forget this detail).

Another unusual fact, I, Mukungubila, every year, it happened that I mourned the suffering and death of Jesus as Easter approached. Forgive me, my dearest contemporaries, for having taken you back into the past.

Back to the present, so that we can head into the future of our planet. Our planet is, today, in the midst of a mess, isn’t it? It is our right to ask ourselves 1000 questions. Most of us are even starting to wonder if this fury of water or fire is not a sign of the end of the world?! Dear contemporaries, allow me to remind you of the words of Pope Francis who said: « We have failed as leaders, as stewards, in our duty to manage the Earth. Instead of managing well, it was looted. Reason why, some movements are rising like Corona (Covid-19) and others ». That is where the problem lies. I, Mukungubila, as an instrument used by God the Creator, I indicated to you the Congo DR as a country of recourse because God had just raised up His Christ. This Christ is the only vaccine that could guarantee our life and it is the only remedy to cure us from Corona, without any difficulty. In a few seconds or minutes, in Mukungubila’s name, it stops. Apart from that, this impetuous wind of Corona made us suffer, since it blew all over the planet and it bereaved the whole planet. God the Creator at the same time poured out His spirit upon us, thus marking the time of awakening. This is the second awakening, after that of Jesus’ time with his apostles. Read Acts of the Apostles 2: 14-15, 16-17, 18 and Joel 2: 28, 29.

After this great blessing of the awakening of Jesus and his apostles, God has just answered us by abundantly pouring out his spirit on us from the Christ, He has just raised up from Congo (this was also announced by the Catholic priests in the Vatican). That been said, these powerful, great, decision-makers, it is more desirable that they can express themselves by stating the same sentence of 1945 « never again » with regard to Congo and all its Congolese inhabitants who has suffered a lot by losing theirs, more than 12 millions dead killed by the Rwandan invader. Because of all these riches that the Lord God has buried under Congolese soil, the Congolese continue to pay the heavy price. That is why it is time for us, dear contemporaries, to appease the wrath of the Creator. God the Creator, by all these calamities that follow Corona, would like the great ones to be able to pronounce « never again » and you will see that everything will calm down. God does not intend to calm the situation without justice being done to the man of His choice and his people. God claims that the great can help the Congo by allowing God the Creator to rule these Congolese lands through his Christ. May all decision-makers be sensitive to the unbearable suffering endured by this Congolese people. These people are being massacred, murdered almost on a daily basis because they have been taken away from their sovereignty while the peace of the whole planet depends on these people. Thus says the Lord: « it is desirable that you the great ones, the decision-makers, take all the necessary steps to enable the Creator to govern the Congo, because today God wants to lead the Congo Himself, taking into account the instructions He must give, so that first of all the whole planet may benefit, that is to say, that all nations may taste the benefits of the reign of the Lord through His Son Christ ». 

I swear to you by the Lord God, if you make all the arrangements to allow God to rule the Congo, automatically everything will kick in and all this mess, calamities and Corona, will stop. God the Creator has signed, put his fingerprint to certify everything that I am telling you. If imperatively you give your support to the Anointed of the Lord, the Christ whom God has just raised up from Congo, all the sorrows from which the planet suffers today, looking at all these calamities, will disappear. I swear that with your support, from Congo as well as from all countries, peace will be possible because the ill-intentioned people, even among the Congolese traitors who work sail against the wind, I mean those who do not like (do not want) to see God fix the situation in Congo, go very far; they go as far as to imagine themselves creating or making Christ as a woman. A blasphemy that does not say its name. Even to Satan, it is impossible for him to dream of a christ woman. To what category could we classify this species of individuals??!! 

I think that these wicked, who think only of continually inflicting suffering on the Congolese people, are themselves suffering cruelly from the fact that the Lord has put his signature on the letter of credence concerning the Congo (Matthew 21: 43). This nation which Jesus of Nazareth speaks is none other than Congo-Kinshasa. The purpose of his fingerprint is to certify his presence in this country crisscrossed by rivers. The map of the Congo on the cobblestones of Capernaum is the seal and signature of God the Creator.

Joseph Mukungubila Mutombo

Prophet of the Lord

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