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Coronavirus part two: The Guide

By Yves Neyd
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janvier 24, 2021

What does Coronavirus mean? Could we take Coronavirus for a disease naturally experienced by humans on this Earth? No, I don’t think Coronavirus can be mistaken for a natural disease! If so, the man would not have named it an invisible enemy. And why to name it the invisible enemy? It is simply in fear that there may not be any misunderstanding. The authorities even had to take out the war tanks. Corona has proven to be the never-known terrorist enemy since the dawn of time. Recognize that Corona has not proven to be a disease naturally experienced by humans. Coronavirus is God’s expression.
Why you man of God Mukungubila, you qualify Corona as being the expression of God and not a disease as such? Can I, the man of God, also ask the question to my contemporaries, those with whom I have just experienced the event? This is my question: why have our scientists, despite all their efforts, failed to find an efficient vaccine against Corona?
Accept my dear brothers and sisters that I lead you pictorially to the burning bush from which God met Moses (Exodus 3: 1-6). There, it is God who approaches Moses. Excuse me for being very specific in this protocol of the meeting with Moses. It is not Moses who approaches God but rather God who approaches Moses. Surely Moses will be attracted by this burning bush which was not consumed. God calls him by his name, he is familiar to him by saying “I am the God of your father”. He is a familiar God because he reveals himself to Moses as the God of Moses’ father. Do we completely agree? Then, he gives the reasons why he wanted to approach Moses by telling him: « I saw the suffering of my people and I heard the cries of their oppressors, because I know their pains ». Here are the reasons that lead God to meet Moses. Automatically, he puts Moses in full confidence because he is no longer stranger to him. Then he will say, « I have come down to charge you to go in my name to meet the king, you and your brother, and to meet the people of Israel. »

To not be very longer, God the Creator had just appeared to Moses making him understand that he was no stranger to him because he was the God of his father and because he was shocked at the way the Egyptians oppressed this people. who would soon know this God. He said, “I know that when I send you with this message, in his stubbornness, King Pharaoh will not accept. He is a stubborn dictator. Reason why I say, it will take my intervention with the mighty hand. I repeat and say, I will have to step in with the mighty hand. I know that to diminish the pride of the king, whose heart is really hardened and I will continue to harden it, I will continue the strikes to make him understand that I have no similar, I am the God that you must fear ”. In Exodus 3: 20,19: I know that he will be able to leave the people only if the mighty hand strikes him with wonders and miracles. This is indeed what Coronavirus is. It is not a disease to be considered like others, like plague, cholera … All these diseases are natural diseases for which our scientists have managed to work to eradicate them. But here we are faced with a strike because God the Creator is angry. He found that just as in that time Pharaoh had behaved wickedly towards the people whom God was preparing to bear his name, in the same way the nations united against this people who are the second choir and by which the The Lord intends to prepare the bride and prepare the world.

It’s almost history repeating itself as Scripture says. This power from Egypt rose up against God’s program and they fought Israel until it became a slave. Despite all the precautions taken, God was finally right. Likewise, today it is with a broken heart that I see what is happening in this favorite country, the Congo. As I lay these lines, children and adults are being slaughtered there like cattle. Meanwhile, the international community is not waking up to find a way to prevent, to punish these barbarians. While we are in an evolved time, where we are governed by laws, we act as in the time of barbarism. In this country, the Congo, we can say that it is the jungle. And why ? During the suffering endured by Israel, God was able to make Moses, God, and Aaron, his prophet, to end this power of Egypt. When the strikes fell, God spoke of plagues, saying that he was going to strike Egypt with many plagues (Exodus 9:14). God says: “I will send all my plagues”. What we saw as simple illnesses, God explained that they were not illnesses but means of repression to make man understand that he should not cripple his program. What happened to Israel is the same thing that happens to us Congolese who have lost millions of lives. We are being slaughtered day after day. How many millions of lives are we going to achieve when a few months ago I spoke about it in my speech saying: “Corona is a Latin expression that means the Crown. Corona arrives to claim the power of God, the power of justice ”.

Despite my intervention, I feel like I haven’t been listened to or even heard. Never mind, we will have to be able to understand these things, hence the reason for my intervention today. It is so that you, dear brothers and sisters, my contemporaries, can be attentive to what I am revealing to you. As I just explained, Corona is an expression. This is exactly the same way the Lord our God spoke to bring Israel out of Egyptian slavery. Likewise, the Lord has just drawn this map of the Congo in Capernaum, Israel, on the pavement where our Lord Jesus of Nazareth set his feet to preach. It is from there that this map drawn with the finger of God came out to make it understood that after the preaching made from Israel, God moves to another nation, this nation belonging to this map drawn in this location. It is God who drew this map to make the whole world understand, that there are many countries but only these lands of the Congo are those from which God will send his message once again to the whole world. It is from these lands that God intends to give his message to the whole world. As I have said over and over again, you Congolese people, you are a teaching people, not to teach anything but to teach the word of God. It is your God-given mission: to teach this truth to the whole world. This is not the message with a bit of lies and truth, but only the truth. Reason why God has just raised up Christ from among this people.

In turn, the Congo must go and teach the whole world. You alone are the ones who make up this choir, this chorus. When the Lord God appears to Moses, it is because the cry of the people of Israel came up to him and God was angry with Egypt. Corona is not a natural disease, however, it is the plague with which it has struck the entire planet. By Corona, God has just asked you, all the institutions that run the world, to look into this issue concerning the tragedy that the Congolese are going through, attacked by several nations thirsty to plunder the wealth of this country. That the international community intervene and stop this momentum. May the international community stop the barbarism of the Rwandan Tutsis who have made the people suffer for several years and prevented the Congolese from forming their government through which they could work freely in all serenity, which would allow them to govern and manage themselves. If the international community does not intervene forcefully in this situation, know that these are the reasons that prompted God to bring judgments (Coronavirus). Intervene quickly against this suffering which the Congolese people endure unjustly. Day by day, it is the attacks, the death of children and adults, Rwanda which allows itself to make incursions and put its military base. All of these things must be stopped.

To you, Congolese, my dear compatriots, I have tried to enlighten you today on this point by making you understand that this plague (this flail) of Corona was sent by God the Creator to do you justice. You should no longer behave like a traitor by allying with Rwandans. Know that the time has come to establish the sovereignty of this Congolese people who have been martyred for a long time. Pay attention to you who seem very thirsty for money, I do not speak lightly but so says the Lord. God is determined to grant sovereignty to the Congolese people, this people of choice, because his time is now.

Finally, you have just been unambiguously enlightened that time today belongs to God. Reason why he approached me saying: « I dedicate the year to you ». It meant he was dedicating the year 2020 to me, but that’s not exactly it. Here he has just made us experience what he had granted to his servant Joshua. He had stopped the course of the Sun and the course of the Moon. Remember that it was Joshua’s mouth that ordered the stoppage of these two great presidents. My dear contemporaries, God is coming back to me to make me understand: “Mukungubila my Son, I gave you time, I made you liberator and savior of this people. I know you, only you, that’s the reason I’m telling you this. It’s not just 2020. Time stands still on you, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023… ”. I point out to you that this precision concerning the time was revealed to several servants belonging to different religious denominations. God revealed this to them while specifying: “you must all, you who ask me God, line up behind my Son Mukungubila for the success of everything you ask me because on Earth it is he alone that I know. I hold him to walk with him in order to run my whole program ”. If we all humble ourselves before the program of the Creator God, who has set himself the goal of doing justice to his Son Mukungubila and to his people, the second choir, in the days to come we will not be long in realizing that calm could come back to us. I even trust our God who will be able to spare us by stopping this plague.

I beg you, my dear contemporaries, that everyone have the good will and the concern to rehabilitate this martyred people of the Congo (the Congolese). I repeat that this is the people of choice because it is from the bosom of this people that Christ was born and aroused for the second revival. Speaking thus, you who would like to set yourselves up as enemies of God in order to block his program, I advise against doing so. For what God has stopped in his foreknowledge is what I have just revealed to you today. Remember it as a saying, word or maxim because they are examples attached to the tales of our ancestors. Moses, Jesus of Nazareth and Joseph Mukungubila, the child of Kibenze the terrible, the formidable, all these three characters, God forced them to drink the water of the Nile. The Nile in itself is a prophecy. Because all the theaters, which were played on the side of the Nile delta and around it, were inspired by the strength of our ancestor who had the intelligence and the wisdom to be the first to rule on the Earth, I speak here about Nimrod. Understand that all of Earth had to draw this intelligence and wisdom from Egypt. Now the Pharaohs, who reigned in Egypt, were ruled by the source of the Nile, so their power came from the source of the Nile.

In conclusion, remember that Creator God did not approach Moses until he understood that the time was right. This is how he came to recommend that he go to Pharaoh. Despite Moses’ hesitation, God encouraged him and then he left. As a result, Pharaoh ended up freeing the children of Israel. Likewise, my dear compatriots, despite the suffering endured for a long time, the time has come when the Eternal God decides to set you free. Why ? To take the message of Salvation around the world because it is you alone, in the first place, that is entrusted with this mission. It is to you that the Eternal God has entrusted this mission to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom into the world. We are not well equipped but know that this is so said the Lord. Those who have the means will support you and you will go all over the world, so says the Lord. From this isolation and this humiliation that you have undergone, God must free you and put good dispositions in your contemporaries who did not understand you. They will finally help you to be released. As was the case with Israel vis-à-vis the Egyptians. God had put good dispositions in the Egyptians who had given them many means to walk in the desert. Thus says the Lord, among your contemporaries, who can read me, will arise people of good will, in spite of all the humiliations you have suffered. You will be blessed and I wish it to you, saying: “be blessed by the Lord”. Also be aware that you cannot chest-beating as a Favorite People while pushing the Favorite Man aside. Do not act like Israel who made Jesus cry (Luke 19: 41-44). Understand here that this is the very essence of the message. God must now reign and he can only reign through his Son. For when they left Egypt, Israel was a free people headed by Moses. This is the type today of that independence that various visionaries spoke of. They had left Egypt as a free people and the Lord God reigned. Christ, the Son of God, must now reign in this land of predilection to help all nations so that finally the people can come out of suffering and benefit from all that God had planned. This is not a slogan, Christ must really rule. Have the goodwill to grant God a real reign and you will see that what was predicted to us, we will live it. So we will benefit from the stop of time. God will begin to make us live the time of eternity. We will see the disappearance of many diseases. God is going to supply the country with such food that the Congo will be able to help other countries. Let us not speak of Christ who reigns only by the mouth. Congolese, you are called to make Christ reign as he should because it is through you that the Eternal God will be able to do what he has promised throughout the world. He will extend the benefits of this reign everywhere. It is time to surpass ourselves to invoke the reign of our God. May this reign from heaven come to Congo. We have just been stripped of our strength, Corona has brought us to our knees, many have lost their jobs, are unemployed; we have lost many of our loved ones and in addition we have been seriously affected in the global economy. The whole world has been destabilized. After reading this, I believe you have understood me sufficiently. You should no longer persist in forcing people to go for vaccines that cannot even help them. In this regard, I would like to thank the authorities in certain countries who have refused to make the vaccine compulsory. At least, the real vaccine and remedy, with regard to Coronavirus, have just been revealed to you through this letter or quite simply this book that I have just written to you: it is to believe and do what God has asked of us by his son. See, for example, lockdown is destabilizing us in the economy when so far our scientists have not yet find a real vaccine for peace of mind. However, the only way to have peace of mind for life and to remove the fear is to believe in this God whom I have just revealed to you (if it were possible for a president, head of state, to accept and order all his people to believe in this God and that several of them be baptized, this country would not see Corona destroy it again. They could work without being lockdown and life would return to normal). If there are countries that have understood me correctly and claim that their citizens can be baptized, know that this is the simplest and most effective vaccine. These bodies will no longer need to have any further protection. As soon as we baptize, Corona and even all kinds of poisons no longer have the power to attack this baptized body because if we baptize you the body becomes immune. It is the seal or the sign like circumcision in the time of Moses. In a house that believes in the Lord, we do not baptize children until they are 13 years old. Under 13, we do not baptize. On the other hand, the children of those who accept baptism are automatically protected by the faith of their parents. Not even Corona will be able to come close. There is no baptism under 13 years old.

From now on, as soon as one of yours is affected by Corona, here we are talking about isolated cases, get directly on your knees and quote the name of Mukungubila imploring God the Creator. You will instantly see that the disease will stop. We would like to inform you that, from today, we are making ourselves available to the authorities of each country who so wish in order to have our help to put an end to the effects of Corona while waiting, of course, for all those in charge of managing the world to apply themselves to curbing the momentum of barbarism in this country of predilection: the Congo. We can send evangelists to help you, to teach you what are the behaviors and measures to adopt before God to put an end to the effects of Corona. Do not minimize these words because Corona is the expression of God. We can help you with this task.

In order to catch up with us, in order for God to grant us grace, I beg you to do what I have asked you to do through this book, not to say this letter. Thus you will see that this mouth, which has spoken to you, is the only one authorized by heaven to prepare the bride. May the Eternal God grant you to receive this message with humility and may he, the Creator, deign to rehabilitate us so that life may begin again. Thank you.

Prophet of the Eternal24

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